Leisure activities in the Cotentin

Leisure activities in the Cotentin

Would you like to try out as many activities as possible during your stay in Les Pieux, in the Cotentin? Here you’ll find all the not-to-be-missed leisure activities which you can do within easy reach of Les Pieux. There’s plenty here to delight young and old alike on your family outings or when out with friends or your partner.

Walking, horse-riding, cycling, land sailing taster sessions – there’s something to suit all tastes.

Sciotot Beach   

The Plage de Sciotot (Sciotot Beach) in Les Pieux, is located between the Cap de Flamanville and the Cap du Rozel. It’s a superb place to swim and is suitable for all ages. It’s just the thing for a family outing as lots of activities are on offer here right throughout the year.

For instance, you could try your hand at land sailing or Class 7 land yachting (speed sail). Sandcastle building competitions are also held here and there’s a children’s playground too.

All in all, it’s a great way of spending some quality time outside with your family. As an added bonus, the surrounding views are gorgeous. The beach is a 5-minute drive from the Hôtel Les Pieux.

Hôtel Les Pieux - Cotentin - Randonnée La Hague

The Coastal Path – GR223

The GR223 long-distance path is usually called the ‘Sentier de Douaniers’ (the Customs Officers’ path) or the ‘Sentier du Littoral’ (the coastal path). Whether you’re an experienced hiker who’s happy to walk for hours or you just want to go for a short walk, the Sentier du Littoral has something for everyone.

Its 23 sections (each section is about 20 kilometres long) have one thing in common – they all follow the coast of the Manche – 446 kilometres’ worth of marvellous sights and sounds. The path starts in Isigny-sur-Mer in Carentan and hugs the coast until Pontaubault near Mont Saint Michel. See a side to the Manche that you’ve never seen before!

The location of the Hôtel Les Pieux is suitable for overnight stops between two sections. There are two sections of the GR223 which pass close by the hotel: Biville to Sciotot (21.1km), followed by Sciotot to Hattainville (17.8km).

Hôtel Les Pieux - Cotentin - Balade à vélo

Cycling trips in the Cotentin  

What better way is there to explore the glorious landscapes of the Cotentin region than by going on a cycling trip? One thing is sure, there’s no shortage of routes and itineraries to take. Perhaps you’d like to head off on an adventurous, physically-demanding mountain biking trip? Or else a gentle family outing is more your style? All options are on the table.

Enjoy a cycle trip with your family – and the sea views that go with it. Landscapes to admire include the Anse de Sciotot bay and the panoramic view from the Roche à Coucou. Some routes will also give you the opportunity to explore the pretty local ‘bocage’ countryside (landscape of pastureland, woods, hedgerows and sunken lanes).

Before setting off towards new horizons, we would advise you visit the Les Pieux tourist office. They will be delighted to tell you the best routes to take.

Hôtel Les Pieux - Cotentin - Balade à cheval

Horse-riding in Les Pieux  

Animal-lovers and nature-lovers can saddle up and head off on a horse-riding trip from Les Pieux, taking them through beautiful natural settings whether it’s along the beach or through the countryside further inland.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner – these horse rides are open to all levels of proficiency. They’re an excellent way of combining physical exercise with exploring the countryside and also just relaxing and getting away from it all.

The complexe Hippique des Pieux horse-riding centre (1km from the Hôtel Les Pieux), offers trail riding and pony-trekking opportunities. Feel free to contact them for more details.

Hôtel Les Pieux - Cotentin - Char à voile 2
©OSLC Les Pieux

Land sailing taster sessions in the Cotentin  

Make the most of your stay at the Hôtel Les Pieux to try out land sailing! Located between the Cap du Rozel and the Cap de Flamanville, the Anse de Sciotot bay is the perfect spot for this sport. Just 6 minutes by car from the Hôtel Les Pieux, the Centre d’activités Voile et Vent windsports centre offers an introduction to land sailing.

It’s open to everyone – singles, families, groups of friends – whatever your level of experience. It’s a great opportunity to discover the unique thrill of this windsport on one of the most beautiful beaches in France – indeed, in Europe.

You can try this new sport in either single-seater or twin-seater landsailers. We advise novices to choose the ‘Circuit Découverte’ taster session (one hour) or the ‘Initiation Autonomie’ 2 hour-long course.

Hôtel Les Pieux - Cotentin - Surf

Surfing at Siouville-Hague

Would you like to know where you can surf in the Cotentin? Here you can find out more about the Siouville-Hague surfing spot, Normandy’s most famous. A mere 5-minute drive from the hotel, this spot features a lovely sandy beach.

The spot offers a beach break that’s open to the swell coming from the west, i.e. the open Atlantic. It’s in the autumn that you’ll find wave quality and frequency are the best. Beginners and experts alike will be sure to find that the Siouville-Hague surfing spot is just the thing for their particular surfing tribe!

There are lots of other boardsports and windsports to try, including windsurfing, kitesurfing and land sailing.